Reactivity has consequences.

“They wouldn't help me until I could prove I had already been homeless for at least one month.” 



To predict and prevent homelessness and suicide among LGBTQ youth as a path forward for all youth.


Flightplan helps social service organizations identify and fund new solutions to complex problems using proven techniques from the corporate world, such as Human-Centered Design.


The Flightplan Grant Lab helps social service agencies explore and test new ideas so that grant applications are more competitive and data-driven. Youth, staff, and community stakeholders collaborate to address root causes of homeless and suicide that exist at home and in schools, healthcare, government, and religious institutions.

Grant Lab

Consulting with Flightplan can increase donations, streamline services, and engage volunteers. We also design websites, apps, and internal processes. Flightplan Consulting provides access to professional services typically out of reach for social service agencies, such as user experience designers or service designers.



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